I would like to welcome you on the homepage of our Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

German speaking territories are the birthplace for modern psychiatry and psychotherapy. Names such as Freud, Jung, Adler, Bleuler and Alzheimer are known to everybody. My team and I intend to continue this tradition in our thoughts and actions.

Our therapy methods are based on the enormous scientific progress which neurosciences, especially psychiatry, have made during the past years.

The human being and his moral concepts, hopes, doubts, misgivings, fears, depressions and other problems of life build the center of our therapeutic work. Such problems of life are well known to all of us, but sometimes they exceed an invisible barrier where professional help becomes inevitable. Our goal is to give you best possible and available help.

A meaningful life is a basic need of every human existence. It is our aim to give you inward insight so that you can achieve a deeper understanding of yourself. The path to the self is often also the way out of the crisis. It is a difficult and painful mission. We want to accompany you and be your tower of strength.

Dr.Gregor Kowal
About Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy
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Dr. med. Gregor Kowal
Specialist in Psychiatry
and Psychotherapy
Medical Director
Dr. Kowal studied human medicine at the medical school of the Ruprechts-Karl-University in Heidelberg (Germany). He also aquired a doctors degree at the same university. After his studies he specialised in the disciplines Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. He is experienced in all fields of adult psychiatry and has depth-psychology based psychotherapeutical qualification. Over the past five years Dr. Kowal has worked in Germany as a Senior Consultant in the function as Head of Department in clinics for psychiatry and psychotherapy. In this function he was responsible for the treatment of patients and also for the supervision and education of registrars and psychologists entrusted to his care. In November 2010 Dr. Kowal relocated his residence to Dubai (UAE) and since then directs the Clinic for Health and Medical Care (CHMC) a Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The clinic is located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).


Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

Al Razi Building, No. 64, Block B, 3rd Floor,
Clinic: 3006, Postbox: 126779, Dubai, U.A.E.

Phone: 00971-4-4574240 Fax: 00971–4-4574238
Email: office@chmc-dubai.com

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